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Faith Formation

"Be who God created you to be and you will set the world on fire." St. Catherine of Siena

The primary focus of faith formation  is on fostering an encounter with the person of Jesus and on enabling the experience of intimacy and communion with Him and His Church. Children are taught to learn from Jesus, to think and judge like Him in the Faith Formation curriculum. It is hoped that children will develop a commitment to participate in the mission and ministry of Jesus, our Savior, living their Christian faith, in the Church community, for the Kingdom of God.


We have an excellent religious education offering for the children of our parish.  We would like to welcome, invite and encourage you and your child(ren) to become part of our Catholic Faith Formation Program for children. What a gift we give to our children and teens of our wonderful parish, the gift of Faith in Jesus. Our Catechists, provide support and encouragement to all parents in our parish as they bring their children to love and serve the Lord. Matt and Kashayla Rayhons, Sarah Adamson, Brian Wood, Mikalah Sonntag and Janet Lopez are our catechists. Kathy Ecklin is our Faith Formation Director.  For more information please contact Kathy Ecklin at 641-333-2565.

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